“You feel that nudge to do something, don’t ignore it.

Trust your instincts and go for it!”



Are you seeking something in life but can’t quite name what it is?

Do you feel disengaged with life?  Maybe bored, twitchy, anxious or stressed?

Would you love to have the confidence to share your inner voice?



Anything is possible when you consciously and deliberately choose your thoughts, trust your instincts and follow your heart.



It’s time to step out of the shadows and shine like the beautiful soul you were born to be.



Hi, I’m Kerry.

I guide and support men and women through periods of soul searching, realignment  and upheaval using a unique and intuitive blend of NLP, Mindfulness and Coaching to create a life of purpose, passion and power.


My philosophy is based around Simplicity, Strategy and Spirituality.  I believe in giving people easy to use tools, effective planning techniques and a sprinkling of meditation, crystals and angel cards to help you swap your struggles for strengths and enjoy a brighter future.




Coaching with me will help you to:

Wake up each day with clarity and purpose.

Feel connected to your inner self and those around you.

Confidently communicate your needs.

Enjoy a heightened sense of self-awareness.

Feel in control of your emotions in all situations.




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I offer a range of coaching programmes and intensive sessions to suit all stages of personal growth and transformation.  To find out more Click Here.


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With Love and Light,

Kerry xo




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