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Hi there! I’m Kerry and I’m a Personal Development Coach.


I’ll get to what that is exactly in a moment, but first let me share a little about me and my path. It wasn’t a straight one by any means, but then few of them ever are…


I didn’t always make the wisest choices in my youth, and as a result fell into addiction. As you can imagine, this was a very dark period, and there were times when I just knew I didn’t want to live that life anymore. There was a spark, a deep feeling that this was not my path. Sixteen years ago, I made a decision that would change my life – I followed that feeling.


My daughter and I moved to a new town and started fresh… and I never looked back.


However, my story doesn’t end there. Despite having achieved sobriety and continued abstinence, and despite having created an entirely new life for myself and my daughter, I still struggled with my past and feelings of unworthiness.


I spent many years living with the guilt of my past choices. As so many people do, I slipped into “people-pleasing mode.” I said “Yes!” to everybody no matter what they asked of me – at the expense of myself, my health and even my family. I thought that sacrificing myself for others would wear away the guilt and make me feel like a good person again. I thought it would help me be worthy.


That part of my journey, while certainly not easy, is what put me on the path to begin counselling others. I wanted to help others to heal and do something meaningful with my life. I trained and qualified as a counsellor and volunteered my time at a local charity as my way of giving back what I believed I owed.  I loved that time of my life.


Eight years ago, I finally decided that the time had come to address the “elephant in the room” – my lack of self care, and the “people-pleasing” born from guilt. I began to take control of my own life and recognise my own needs and realise I am important. I began to understand that it’s not selfish or arrogant to take care of yourself, it’s a necessity. I started investing in personal development and a new journey began.


It was a couple of years after this that I was diagnosed with a chronic disease after a near-death experience. That was the final kick I need to change my life! In that moment I realised that I could no longer hold myself back from the life I wanted. I couldn’t live a life of “what ifs?”


That brush with death made me realise that I didn’t want to die with regrets. Today I live with an insulin pump to manage my daily health. This has become a huge part of who I am and reminds me to be BOLD, be confident and never hold myself back.


That long, winding road brings me to today…


I’m a mum to two amazing kids – a daughter and a son with a 12 year age gap – so my parenting skills are honed at both ends of the spectrum. We enjoy life and live it with gratitude and kindness. I work hard living my life aligned with my values, such as happiness, peace and the right of people to be counted. I have great friends, I’m super happy and confident in my own skin. I love helping people and have studied hard to gain the knowledge and skills to help others be confident, find their happy and live their life according to their own values.


Earlier I said I was a Personal Development Coach. What is that exactly?


The fact is, you, and most of the people you will meet, have been, or will go through, some pretty traumatic events at some point along the way. It’s a simple truth that seems to be a kind of rite of passage. The good news is that these events don’t have to weigh down the rest of your life! You can release old stories, create a new supportive belief system and create a life you truly enjoy, full of peace, confidence and joy.


I use my years of experience as a Counsellor, along with Certifications in Coaching, Mindfulness and NLP, to help you change the disempowering stories you’ve told yourselves and replace them with ones that support and fulfill you. I help you develop practical strategies that you can use to get back on the path you KNOW you deserve!


My entire ethos is based on Simplicity, Strategy and Soul!


Simplicity: Cut out the BS and the dead-weight and simplify your life, business, relationships etc.

Strategy: Create a clear, beautiful plan for your future and then execute it!

Soul: Do everything with love and trust your intuition.


Despite having been through so many struggles in my life, I wouldn’t change any of it, because these hard times are what brought me to where I am now and made me the person I am today. I’m in a place where I’m always following my joy, have gratitude for all the beauty in the world around me, and have risen to help others to do the same.


I would love to help you as well!


To learn more about working with me, you can do so HERE. There’s absolutely no obligation, and I can answer any questions you have.



Here are a few bonus facts about me for the curious:


I have 11 tattoos including a smiley face on my thumb. (My daughter has a matching one)

I’m allergic to pigeons.

My favourite word is “Blancmange.”

I often talk to myself in the third person.

I signed up to run a half marathon before even buying a pair of trainers – and completed it 5 months later!

I hate spiders and suffer from claustrophobia.

I think I can dance like Madonna.

I have a totem pole in my living room.

If I could eat one food for the rest of my life it would be pancakes.

I have one joke I’ve told for the last 10 years – and it still makes me laugh every time I tell it.

If it’s pink and sparkly I love it.

My secret crush is Meatloaf. (The singer, not the dish!)


And I LOVE to laugh every single day!


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