Five Benefits of Investing in your Personal Development.

There are many many benefits to investing in your personal development so it was a challenge to pick just five to talk about today.


When you invest in your personal growth you are committing to make a positive change in your life and one that once embedded will serve you long into the future.


Committing to working on inner world and being the best version of yourself possible is something that is ongoing and life long and can only ever improve every area of your life. Whether you choose to read a book, listen to a podcast, take time for self-care or invest in a coach (yeah I can help you there 😉) you can only benefit from the self-awareness gained and the clarity of thought followed by action that will propel you into a life you consciously create.


Working on yourself and your inner world reflects in your outer world decision making and the more effort you put in the more benefits you will discover as things begin to shift in the most magical way.


I’ve put together just five of those ways here.


Increased Confidence

Raising your levels of self-awareness naturally increases your confidence because you know who you are.

You know what you want.

And you know the steps you need to take to get there.

This eliminates procrastination and reduces insecurities that the little gremlin in your mind grabs hold of and starts to whisper in your ear.

You know that voice, “I’m not good enough”, I’m not smart enough”, “I’m a fraud”, “Who am I to think I can do this” and on and on it goes until you’re deflated and fee like crap.

Increasing your confidence through self-awareness allows you to choke that little gremlin before he has chance to get going allowing you to go about your day taking action and feeling fabulous!


Improved Relationships

When you understand the rules that you live by as a by product you also recognise other people have different rules and you become more understanding and a better communicator.

Because you are able to take a step back and view things more objectively it eliminates conflict and creates more harmonious relationships with you partner, children, colleagues, friends and family.


It speeds up decision making

Knowing not just your values but the hierarchy of your values allows you to align your decision making to the truth of who you are.

For example, I had a meeting at work on the same day as my son’s assembly.  I value doing the right thing at work but I also value motherhood.  So I felt in a complete dilemma, this is called cognitive dissonance, where two conflicting values or beliefs vie for dominance at the same time. But knowing that I value motherhood ABOVE doing the right thing at work made my decision, although uncomfortable, easy to make.

Understanding the hierarchy of your values allows you to make firm, confident decisions that are right for you.


Firm Boundaries

As a reformed people pleaser I know all about the importance of boundaries, both professionally and personally and this is something you gain through the increased level of self-awareness and confidence that comes from investing in yourself.

You’re able to know what you will and won’t tolerate and then communicate that effectively without drama or conflict, but with clarity and confidence putting your needs at the top of the pile.


It develops your strengths

Because a lot of personal development forces you out of your comfort zone and encourages you to take a full 360 look at your strengths and your weaknesses you can challenge yourself to improve the areas you’re not so strong on but it also allows you to know exactly what your strengths are and how to play to them for your benefit.


So there you have just five benefits of investing in your personal development.

Increased confidence

Improved relationships

Speeding up decision making

Creating firm boundaries

Developing your strengths


I hope you’ve found this useful and if you’d like to explore further the benefits of investing in your personal development through coaching and mentoring then I’d love to have a chat.  Book in for a call directly with me.


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