What Sofa Buying Taught me about Choices

Not being of a materialistic nature most of my life I’ve made do with second hand furniture or budget and functional.


If I had a few spare quid in my pocket my first thought wasn’t “oh shall I purchase a new TV cabinet”?  It was “oh where can me and the kids go for the day”!


For me money has been about experiences, socialising and exploring, day trips and fun times, these were my priorities until a few years ago.


As my life progressed and my financial situation changed so did my desires.  I no longer just wanted a good time with my kids I wanted nice things in my house too.

Things I could be proud of.

Things that brought me joy.

Quite simply I decided I wanted more.


A nice house and days out so I set about transforming my thoughts around money and spending on material things and started to make those changes.


I decorated deliberately with attention to what I liked, not what I could afford.  I thought about colour and design and the effect I wanted to create.  How I wanted to FEEL when I entered a room.  I minimalised, I recycled and created space.  I painted walls, had a cabinet built, laid flooring and glittered all my door frames, I love a bit of sparkle!


Then came time for the big decisions.  It was time to test my new-found mindset and spend out on new furniture.  It was sofa buying time!


I cleared the day, did the school run and excitedly set off.


Entering the shop I felt like a grown up, if I’m honest I was a little anxious, this was totally new territory for me, but I had a mission so I began to browse.


I’d already researched online and had a list of six I wanted to look at so set about finding them, on my walk round the list grew by another four!


Numerous trips round the store, an hour and a half later and my original six plus the additional four were narrowed down to five.


I bounced, I laid, I plumped and I visualised them in situ.  This was HARD!


Another hour later I had it narrowed down to three.


I took pictures of every angle and sent them to my sister and my daughter for advice and guidance.


I left the store and got some lunch.


This was not so much fun anymore. What if I made a mistake? What if it didn’t look right in my room?  What if I changed my mind?  This was a lot of money to make a mistake with.  What if it didn’t last? Fell apart? Dated? Got ruined? On and on and on the negative voice in my head taunted me.  How the Hell did other people do this?


Deep breath, return and make a decision.


The choice is down to two now.


Time to enlist some professional support, enter Mr salesman, who I might add had been watching me with curiosity for the last two and a half hours.  This is where it began to really go wrong.  Each sofa came in different colours!!! With different cushion choices!! I could even choose the colour of the feet!!


My mind literally melted inside my skull.

After numerous called to sister and daughter I was still no closer to making a decision.

I left the shop for the second time, with tears streaming down my face and a heart so heavy I could barely walk I sat in my car and sobbed.

I couldn’t do this. I clearly wasn’t cut out for adulting.


With renewed determination I return to the store and eventually narrow it down to one.  YAY! I have my design.


Then it was down to 2 seater or 3, tub chair or not, cushions, feet colour, ottoman decisions decisions decisions.


That day, after leaving the store three times, taking the entire day from 9.30 to 6pm I eventually made my purchase.


Eagerly awaiting the delivery the trauma diminished, eventually it arrived, was unpacked and looked fabulous.


But ain’t no one allows to sit on it!




When faced with multiple choices it’s so easy to become overwhelmed and if you stop to think about it we are faced with choices every single day.  Lots of them.  Maybe not on such an obvious scale as my sofa buying escapade but multiple daily choices, some big, some small but all relentlessly pulling on your brain power.  It’s no wonder we feel overwhelmed sometime with no idea why.


So when you’re faced with making a decision:


Decide what you want.

Narrow down your options.

Do your research.

Remain focused.

Trust yourself.



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