How to avoid Overwhelm and Find your Calm

It’s a busy time of year whatever you’re doing so let’s get back to basics with five little tips to ease overwhelm and get you back in the moment.


Christmas time is notorious for adding stress to your life but with a little careful management it doesn’t have to be that way.  You don’t need to feel overwhelmed, that will simply drain your energy before you even start your day.


Here are five tips to help you restore balance and control.


Write a list.

It can be really beneficial to spend a few moments and write down everything you’ve got to do, get it out of your mind and onto the paper.

Look at your list then take the non-negotiables and on another sheet write these down.

These are the tasks that you MUST get done.

Take a deep breath and look at your list with fresh eyes focusing only on the non-negotiables.

Work through these first, get them off the list then everything that follows is a bonus.


Take five.

During your day make sure you schedule in time to break away from the norm and give yourself a five minute reset.

This is super important for your mental well-being and your energy levels.

Every hour or so take 5 minutes from it and go to a different room or into the garden.

Have a drink and do nothing but sit and be with that task.

Focus only on sitting, breathing and mindfully drink your drink.

Then shake it out and return to what you were doing.

Everyone can create space for this, it’s just a matter of prioritising.



You don’t have to do everything alone.  Get the family and kids involved, there are plenty of tasks they can over for a short while that will ease some of the pressure.  Get creative and get them involved.  Even taking the clothes and putting them away will help.


Align with your heart.

How important is it really?

Take a moment to get back in touch with your values, what REALLY matters to you.

Who do you want to spend your time with?

What will happen if you don’t complete all these super important tasks?

Why do you do what you do?

Who do you love?


And finally:



Who said it all had to be so serious.

Whatever you’re doing there is always room for a smile 😊

Smiling instantly lifts your mood releasing the feel good hormone serotonin and endorphins that energise your whole body.

Try it.


Smile 😊 😊


Have a happy and productive day.



Are you finding yourself feeling overwhelmed and struggling to work out priorities?

Are you frantically busy being busy without getting anywhere?

Do you just want to lay your head down and sob wishing someone will come along and make it all better?




Believe it or not right now you totally have everything you need already within.

You are the person that can make it all better.

It’s just a matter of working out your next move.


REBOOT, REVIVE, RE-ENERGISE is 90 minutes of just that.

Time to rest, reevaluate and create an actionable plan that works!

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