4 Week Super Soul Reset

Reconnect to the Magic of You

Super Soul Reset


Super: Amazing, magnificent, exceptional.

Soul:  Deep intuitive guidance to reconnect to your inner voice.

Reset: It was inside you all along; return to nature’s magical inner source.



Super Soul Reset is a magical adventure of deep, intuitive guidance to the centre of your core to rediscover that you are, and always have been, truly enough.



Super Soul Reset is a 4 week programme that effortlessly weaves together both strategy and spirituality in a simple way that boosts your confidence, focus and inspiration.


Right now, I’m guessing you don’t feel particularly super or connected to your soul. Your vision of resetting the body probably involves removing, punishing, guilt or shame.


So, what’s going on in your life right now?


Do you feel…


  • Lost? Like you’ve gone the wrong way and daily life is filled with endless responsibility, chores and boredom. Where did those childhood dreams go?

  • Disconnected? Somehow, somewhere, the real you disappeared.  Where’s that person with the unstoppable zest for life? Where’s that teenager fuelled by passion and desire? Where’s the grown-up with the big career dreams?

  • Lacking? Without structure, goals or new experiences there’s nothing to celebrate; no feeling of success and achievement.



What if you could carve a beautiful new future in just four weeks?



Using a unique combination of coaching, NLP, mindfulness and holistic tools such as crystals love, essential oils and oracle cards, the Super Soul Reset programme will ensure you discover the perfect combination of techniques to bring you ease, flow and peace.



Imagine feeling confident, empowered and strong enough to move forward in your personal or business life and make changes you’d previously never dreamed possible.


Imagine having a whole new set of tools that support your everyday life, your emotional health and enable you to feel constantly connected to your inner voice.

Imagine feeling so inspired by your own life that there’s no other option than living every day to the fullest; embracing each opportunity, adventure and experience that comes your way without fear or anxiety.  Experiencing joy and curiosity daily.


Are you ready to…?


• Feel reconnected to who you are so life flows with ease and joy.
• Step into your natural, intuitive power to discover your inner magic and mystery.
• Receive guidance, support and inspiration to move forward with clarity and focus.


Do I hear a YES?


Then come and join me for four weeks of Super Soul Reset awesomeness!




Hi, I’m Kerry and I’m beyond excited that you’re here today!


Why? Because once upon a time I felt just like you. I had hit rock bottom and honestly had no idea how to pull myself out of a very deep hole. I felt alone, unsupported and unloved.  But, somewhere in the darkness, I saw a shimmer of light.  I realised that I had a choice.  I could stay stuck in the darkness forever or create a new, lighter, brighter future for myself and my daughter.


All it takes is that first step.


Acknowledge you feel stuck, be open to receive help (in whatever form it shows up in your life) and take consistent action every single day until you realise, that in looking back, you’ve come a really long way!


Ever since transforming my own life beyond my wildest dreams, I have been passionate about supporting others on their journey.  Whether you’re at rock bottom or just a few steps away from a fabulous life, there are always simple mindset shifts, tools and techniques that can help you move forward and achieve consistent joy, confidence, focus and clarity wherever you are on your journey.


Though I’ve been through many struggles in my life I wouldn’t change any of it, because these hard times are what have brought me to where I am now.  A place where I’m always following my joy, feeling gratitude for the beauty all around me and constantly rising to help others to do the same.


“Kerry has taught me so much in my coaching sessions … I have learnt so much detailed clarity on my core beliefs (even the ones that I had tried to ignore in the past), my values and mission…Kerry has seen great potential in me.  Her professionalism and honest approach have really helped me to move forward.”



Super Soul Reset


A magical adventure of deep, intuitive guidance to the centre of your core to rediscover that you are, and always have been, truly enough.  Delivered through a 4 week programme that effortlessly weaves together both strategy and spirituality in a simple way that boosts your confidence, focus and inspiration.


By the end of the programme you’ll have clarity and direction and feel empowered and inspired to live every day to the fullest.  No more stuck in ‘what if?’ or ‘I can’t do that!’.


This is your moment to shine.


Super Soul Reset is a personalised 1-1 coaching programme that includes 4 x 1 hour coaching calls with email support between sessions.  Each week will cover a different aspect of soul -filled strategy alongside holistic tools and techniques.



Week 1 – Clarity

• Focus on what you want to achieve / do / become
• Clear the space and prepare for change
• Understanding the power of self
• Introduction to journalling
• Visualisation techniques
• Oracle cards for guidance


Week 2 – Self-Love

• Discover your limiting beliefs
• Self-love as a tool for growth
• Incorporating self-love tools in your everyday life
• Worksheets for accountability


Week 3 – Beliefs

• Reinforcing positive beliefs
• Focus on mindfulness techniques
• Take inspired action every day
• Introduction to crystal love and essential oils for spiritual health and guidance


Week 4 – Values

• Improve your self-care routine
• Long term sustainable plans
• Understanding personal responsibility
• Celebrate!



The Super Soul Reset 4 week programme is currently priced at £444.



This is for you if you are:


• Ready for the magic.
• Committed to your personal journey of self-development and growth.
• Curious and ready to explore a little spirituality.
• Fun-loving with a great sense of humour that needs space to play.


This is NOT for you if:


• You aren’t ready to take personal responsibility for your emotional health and physical well-being.
• You need to be convinced about the flow of universal energy through everything on the planet.
• You want a quick fix and aren’t willing to put in the work.
• You aren’t cool with the occasional cuss word thrown out there!



Are you ready to embrace your curiosity, learn from your innate natural wisdom and experience serious shifts in your mindset, well-being and happiness?



Then the Super Soul Reset programme is the one for you.



Are you really serious about letting go of struggle, lack of direction and low confidence?
Are you ready to embrace a clear, focused future supported by strategic plans and spiritual tools to ensure you achieve all your business and personal goals?




Then let’s do this!  See you on the other side….


Kerry xo


Ready to say KERRY LET’S DO THIS”? drop me a MESSAGE or book your free 20 minute DISCOVERY CALL and we’ll get started.

If you have any questions at all please get in touch, I’m always happy to talk these through with you.

What you can expect

from me

  • Honesty
  • Accountability
  • Commitment
  • Respect
  • Support
  • Motivation

What you can expect

from yourself

  • Commitment
  • Willingness to go all in
  • Courage
  • Self Belief
  • Action
  • A positive can do attitude

What you can expect

from us

  • A mutually respectful relationship
  • Deep Exploration
  • Growth
  • Transformation
  • Fun
  • Long term sustainable changes

If you have any questions at all or are ready to jump straight in and book your free 20 minute discovery call please call 07588 686061 or complete the form to the right and I’ll get right back to you.

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