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“When you do the work to get to know you, you start to appreciate yourself for all that you are; embracing your flaws and falling in love with yourself in the most magical way”




It starts with you.

It starts with the foundation for success.

Self Awareness

Self Love

and Confidence.


The foundation to success.


Nail these three things and anything is possible.

I believe that with simplicity, strategy and whole heap of soul you are capable of changing your life.



Let me guess…


You’re feeling stuck and frustrated.
You know there’s something more but can’t quite reach it.
You’d love to feel more confident, supported, energised and inspired.


In the past you may have wished for a fairy godmother to wave her wand and make everything alright. But now you’re stronger.
You’ve been through some tough times. You’ve realised how resilient you are.



And you’re ready to change?


To step up and take control of your life.
Your dream life.



A life that feels like it fits who you really are – not a mask society forced you to wear in order to conform and fit in and be a ‘good’ person.

A life where you can show up as you with complete clarity around your soul’s desires.

A life filled with meaning, purpose and fun. A whole lot of fun!



I’ve created programmes to suit men and women just like you at different life stages of soul searching, transition and realignment.



If you’re currently looking for a short-term kick-in-the-pants with a sprinkling of fairy dust, check out Colour My Life: a 90 minute intensive 1- 1 session.


This is for people who want to stand up without fear of judgement, unlock their hidden voice and are open-minded and ready for the magic to begin.


Don’t believe you can shift your mindset in just 90 minutes?
Think again!


Here’s what others have said:


“Loved, loved, loved this session! Lots of uplifting exercises, clarity on where I am now and how to move forward.”


“I love having a clear plan of action. Kerry always inspires, praises and lifts my spirits.”


“I enjoyed being able to open up and be listened to and understood.”




Did you know that in 12 weeks you can totally transform your life?
Well, it’s true!


In my Watch Me Grow: a 12 week Total Transformation programme we’ll be peeling back the layers and unlocking the essence of you; igniting your flame, letting go of the past and unlocking your future.


This is perfect for those who are ready for a long term commitment to improving their lives.


You’ll build a complete understanding of your power and your place in the world, create positive and sustainable changes in all areas of your life and, most importantly, uncover what really drives you so you can live a purpose-filled, passionate and joyful existence.


All my packages come with full support between session, plus worksheets and a follow up session.


Here’s what my amazing clients have said about working with me:


“Kerry had huge patience with me as we worked towards my goal. She took the time with me and my questions and I enjoyed the beginning of finding out about myself and look forward to all I can achieve.”


“I enjoyed being challenged by Kerry, setting expectations for the future so I knew what was next and feeling safe, knowing I could pace myself instead of going head first.”


“Kerry has taught me so much in my coaching sessions …I have learnt in much detail clarity on my core beliefs (even the ones that I had tried to ignore in the past), my values and mission in greater detail. Kerry has seen great potential in me. Her professionalism and honest approach have really helped me to moved forward.”



If you’re not ready to commit to a programme but would love some support and inspiration from yours truly, come and join me and my incredible tribe over in my private Facebook community.


Don’t see a package to suit your needs right now but want to connect and find out more about working with me?

I’m super flexible and will work to ensure we create a solution to suit you so drop me a message and we can chat about how best I can support you.  Individual session prices £70.
send me an email




Healing is a dirty, painful, beautiful, magical, exhausting, muddly mess. But it’s so worth it!



Kerry xo




Learn how this one off Anxiety Busting session can change your life HERE.

Super Soul Reset

Reconnect to your magic in just 4 weeks

A magical 4 week programme to rediscover your light and reconnect with your soul.

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Colour my Life

90 Minute Intensive

Gain clarity and confidence as you boldly step into your future with purpose.

See more

Watch Me Grow

12 Week Total transform

A totally immersive journey of
personal development designed to
empower and support you as you
design the life you desire.

See more

What you can expect

from me

  • Honesty
  • Accountability
  • Commitment
  • Respect
  • Support
  • Motivation

What you can expect

from yourself

  • Commitment
  • Willingness to go all in
  • Courage
  • Self Belief
  • Action
  • A positive can do attitude

What you can expect

from us

  • A mutually respectful relationship
  • Deep Exploration
  • Growth
  • Transformation
  • Fun
  • Long term sustainable changes

If you have any questions at all or are ready to jump straight in and book your free 20 minute discovery call please call 07588 683061 or complete the form to the right and I’ll get right back to you.

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